Our mission as a wedding photographers…

As wedding photographers we believe every image should be unique, timeless and of course, real. Our style is documenting the candid moments as they happen naturally and stopping to capture beautiful portraits along the way. Every photo is a moment caught in time and a work of art to us.
Providing you with unique camera perspectives and an award-winning artistic vision, we aim to tell your love story unlike anyone else.
Our individual strengths and ideas blend seamlessly to produce wedding photographs you will cherish for years to come.

 Building a relationship with our clients is vital to wedding photographers, from phone calls to Skype sessions; we are available almost any time on our devices. It is important that we know your vision and work as a team to make your wedding photography as beautiful as possible!

We are Andrew and Lo, partners in life and work. We are an adventurous duo.
Our style is a natural method of suggested posing and photojournalism. We live in the moment, and it shows in our wedding photographs
 Wedding Photography is one of many things that bring us together. It has always been a priority of ours as well as an element in both of our previous professions.
We were not born wedding photographers and wore different hats in the wedding and music industry before settling on wedding photography full time. It took years of practice, self-education, and an undeniable passion for getting us where we are now

Some thoughts from Andrew
I'm a self-professed nerd with a love for technology. Wedding photography is my outlet for creativity and weddings happen to be fun!

When photographing, I tend to keep things fun and lighthearted for you, but remain in control of the vision on my end.  Having a solid relationship with my clients is important to me as a wedding photographer. My primary goal is to capture those perfect moments that you will love for a lifetime. My style is a bit different from your traditional "bride and groom" wedding photos. Your emotions and moments inspire me. I aim to capture them in a way that defines you.

A little bit about Lo
My nickname stems from the fact that auto-correct messed my name up and I have an ancient name. So, Lo works perfectly into my quirky nature!

In addition to being a wedding photographer, I'm also a makeup artist with years of work in the wedding industry under my belt. The elements of fashion come from my perspective.  I strive to make any guided shots look chic and timeless. While working as a wedding makeup artist, I had the pleasure of working hands on with hundreds of beautiful brides and learned what it takes to create stunning wedding photography from top photographers in the industry. To me, being a wedding photographer is not a job it is a privilege.

Having an elopement or small wedding? Get to know our Associate Photographer William
As a wedding photographer, I love finding new ways to see things to make every photo I take great. No two weddings and venues are the same, so I'm always doing new things with lighting, lenses, and my camera to make each one look excellent.

My goal is to have couples feel comfortable in front of the camera and let them be their natural selves. My idea isn't to dictate where every single hand, finger, leg, and foot should turn. My method is to have the couple feel comfortable so they interact as they would on any other day.

Together as Unforgettable Expressions, we are storytellers. We tell the story of the first day of your new life together in an artistic and honest manner.