How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Venue.

looking for your perfect wedding venue can feel like a daunting and never ending task and undoubtedly be one of the biggest decisions other than your wedding photographer you’ll make during your wedding day planning process.  Your Perfect wedding venue in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and beyond can set the tone for the whole day.  The venue you choose can dictate your decor,  your prefect wedding dress and even the entire mood of your wedding day.  We often get asked as a wedding photographer in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and beyond what are some of your favorites venues?  We decided to compile a list of perfect wedding venues in the tri-state in no particular order or price range.  The list can be found here. Many of the venues we have had the pleasure of working in and some we would love to work at the future.

Below we have put together some tips to help your choose your perfect wedding venue to go along with us, your best choice of a New Jersey based wedding photographer.

Tips to help you choose the perfect wedding venue to say " I do"


What is your budget?

I can't think of anyone who actually likes to sit down a discuss money when it comes to a wedding or any other expense, but you have to start somewhere.  It's important to have an idea on what that number actual is or at least a vague on idea on that number.  How Many guests are your expecting?  What is the cost per plate at the wedding venues you are considering?  That brings us to style.


How do you describe your style?   

If want a modern and minimalist wedding then maybe a historic old barn would not be your perfect location. With that being said if you are looking to have a vintage wedding lots of rustic texture a hotel ballroom would most likely not fit your style. Your budget and amount of guests can also come into play when choosing your style.  A farm house wedding can hold more people and give you a better bang for your buck, if you can't live without having everyone you know around you on your wedding day. Once you decide as a couple what best suits your needs and style you can then create your guest list and mail out those invites.  

Chalfonte-Wedding-Cape-May- NJ.jpeg

Going with the flow.

It's important to understand how everything flows at the venue on your wedding day.  If you choose an all inclusive venue do they have to "flip" the ceremony location into a reception room?  It's a good idea to ask questions or you might be surprised to see half set up tables at your ceremony.  What is the rain plan? Many couples only think about having their ceremony outside and have no idea what it will be like if it rains. Don't forget to consider how many guests might have to fit in a much smaller space if weather is not permitting.  These things can all effect how you and your guests experience and remember your wedding day.  


imagine yourself getting married there!

This is the single most important thing. If you don't absolutely love the idea of walking down the isle there, having your first dance there then walk away.  Keep looking for your perfect venue.  You want to be able to look back at the venue 20 years from now and still be like " I got married at ____ and I love that place! "


How creative are you willing to get?

Not all wedding venues are going to be " Traditional ". Some of our favorite weddingsas wedding photographers have been in non-traditional venues. Think out side the box and you might just find that perfect Loft, Art Gallery or even a camp ground.  Just remember the when going non-traditional you will have to bring everything from the tables and chairs right down to the bathrooms for your guests.  It might just be worth all the trouble to have something completely unique and imaginative.


But I thought we were the only wedding?

Many wedding venues try to maximize their profit and space and have more than one wedding on a given day.  Some places even have three or more weddings spaced out during the day.  Expect this to happen if you are getting married in the prime time of wedding season.  It's always a good idea to ask how the venue handles the traffic of wedding guests and the overlap of the events.  Ask yourselves is this something important to you?  


light and airy vs. dark and moody

What kind of vision do you have for your wedding day photography? Not all venues are going to allow you to capture your photos in a bight open grassy field, or a dark and moody building. Discuss what kind of wedding photography you are drawn to and select your wedding venue accordingly.  If you have a love for natural light wedding photographers you might not want to choose a dimly lit venue in the city where we will have to use lots of flash.  Make sure your photography vision fits your wedding venue.  


Have you shot at my venue before?

Having worked at over 40 venues in the NJ/NY/PA/DE, chances are we know your venue well.In the off chance that we have not Unforgettable Expressions wedding photographer also conducts extensive online research to your venue and the surrounding area. If we feel like we need to see your venue in person, we arrange a "walk through" with management a few weeks prior to your event.  If you feel like you need to discuss specifics about your venue we are always available to go over anything that might concern you. Keep in mind that we have many years of experience shooting all lighting conditions, lighting changes from day to day and hour to hour. It's always best for us to arrive early and have a look around on your wedding day.