Bouquet, Dress, Rings, and Other Details

1:00pm—Wedding Photographer Arrives ( Bride )

These are our first set of wedding photographer shots for the day, and we get the beautiful fine art wedding photographs of the bride's accessories and other details. The process takes around 30-45 minutes during the getting ready process. We ask that the bouquet and rings are handy, as well shoes and jewelry and maybe even an invite.

Finishing Hair and Makeup Bride - Montclair Art Museum Montclair, NJ

Preparation photos can be some of the most fun and candid moments of the big day. The bride is flawless, and she has her important people there to help her prepare. We are there as wedding photogrpahers to get the final steps of the makeup application and last minute touches to her hair style. 

We love to capture the details of the Groom as well if location and time is permitted. 

Groom Getting Ready

1:30pm—Photographer Arrives ( Groom )

Groom's Details - Grand Hotel Cape May, NJ

Ready to Get Married - Baldwin School Wedding Bryn Mawr, PA

Bride Getting Ready

2:00pm—Get in the dress

From different angles, we capture the last steps zipping or lacing the dress. We finish this part of the day with a short session of bridal photos. Please allow 45 minutes or more.

A short one on one session with the bride runs about 15 minutes total.
This helps tell the complete love story, we show the perspective of the couple in a photo journalistic fashion. Various relaxed poses are shot to capture classic wedding portraiture following our modern candid wedding photographer style.

You Look Beautiful - Saint Joan of Arc Wedding Marlton, NJ

First Look

3:00pm—First Look Bride and Groom

This is the rawest emotional moment for the Bride and Groom. Their is nothing like a Bride and Groom seeing each other privately for the first time,  knowing they are in this together, showing their testament of love. We are there blended into the background documenting their reactions. Their kisses, hugs, and happy tears are shot from different artistic angles.

An ideal First Look is 15-30 minutes.

Kate & Joe - The Bradford Estate Wedding Hainesport, NJ

Bride & Groom Portraits

3:15pm—Bride and Groom day time photos

After the Bride and Groom take a few moments alone, we photograph the couple in an intimate and relaxed manner.

Snow Falls at the New Jersey Shore - Spring Lake, NJ

Wedding Party

3:45pm—Wedding party and Immediate family photos

A variety of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen photos are taken, both separately and together.  When those wedding photographs are complete, we follow with the couple and their families in various set ups and poses. Family photos will be done together and also separate sides. As wedding photographers we love to photograph the entire bridal party as well. Both portrait style images and fun shots come out of this time.

The ideal amount of time for perfect photos is 60 minutes.

Rainy Day Wedding Fun! - The Chalfonte Hotel, Cape May, NJ

5:00pm—Hair and Makeup Touch-ups( Guest invite time )

What is " Invite Time "?  Invite time is the time the bride and groom have chosen to be printed on their guest invitations.  Punctual guests will show up before this time, so be prepared in advance for this.   


5:30pm—Let's Get Married!

 It really doesn't matter how many guests you have invited, you can bet that more than a few of them will be late, even if they’re all staying locally in or around your venue. Starting the ceremony 30 minutes after your invite time, ensures that you allow your guests enough time to get to the venue and get comfortably seated. 

Our artistic wedding photography will document the ceremony at its best.  Their union will be photographed from different perspectives, sometimes by two wedding photographers. We capture the emotions of the guests, faces during the vows…and of course, the first kiss!

 We recommend not do a receiving line directly after the ceremony.  Receiving lines can eat up precious time for photographs and guests can potentially get the Bride and Groom dirty from makeup or hygiene products.  

We recommend having the Bride and Groom position themselves near the entry door to the reception room 30 minutes before the end of cocktail hour. The Bride and Groom can then shake hands, fist bump and hug their guest while they are exiting the cocktail hour.    

Andrea & Kevin Get Married - Saint Rose of Lima Freehold, NJ

Extended Family

6:15pm—Extended family and any additional photos ( Cocktail Hour )

This is usually the start of cocktail hour or the time when the guests start traveling to the reception venue.  Make sure that the Bride and Groom has appointed someone/s to wrangle and keep track of any extended family for photos before they leave for cocktail hour.  We also may use some of this time for Bride,Groom and bridal party photos.

Late Evening Winter Wedding at The Bradford Estate Hainesport, NJ

7:15pm—Move guests into dinner


7:30pm—Introductions of the bridal party and the Bride and Groom

We love to capture any and all zany introductions that maybe in store. Please lets us know ahead of time of if anyone is planning on doing cartwheels or back-flips during their entrance. 

Laura & Justin The Baldwin School Bryn Mawr, PA

Bride & Groom's First Dance

7:45pm—First Dance & Parent Dances

A highlight of the wedding celebration occurs when the bride and the groom takes to the dance floor for their first dance. We recommend that they take this time to look into each others eyes and spend some time quietly sharing this moment.  We also prefer to do any parent dances immediately following the first dance, This insures that everyone's attention will still be focused and there will be little to no background distractions during this time.   

Amber & Mark Have Their First Dance at Adventure Aquarium Camden, NJ

Toasts and Prayers


It's important that the Bride and Groom encourage people to do toasts during dinner when they have a captive audience, and people are in a mind frame to be attentive.  Catering staff usually serve the first course just before or during the toasts.  When this time is concluded we should be fed with the Bride and Groom, this ensures that we will be ready for the rest of the reception and that we will have time for sunset or evening wedding photographs outside of the venue.


Lets Get This Party Started!

9:00pm—General dancing( Dance floor officially opens )

Most Dj's or Bands will have already been playing quiet dinner music. This is the official time for everyone to get up and get their groove on. From experience we recommend that you work closely in advance with your Dj or Band to carefully craft a playlist that will keep everyone dancing. It's always a bad idea to only play music that the Bride and Groom want hear or dance to.  Up-lighting and other effect lighting can add some awesome effects and really give the sense of movement creating another level of interest in your wedding photographs.  

Cake Cutting

9:30pm—Cake Cut

Since most weddings have quite a few guests over 60 it's a good idea to not cut the cake too late.  Most venues usually recommend that the cake is cut 60-90 minutes before the end of the reception.  We recommend pulling the wedding cake to the center of the dance floor, if possible this will provide the guests a good view of any crazy antics the Bride and Groom may have in-store.   We will also have more space to capture the moment.  

Last Call

10:45pm—One Last Call for Alcohol So Finish Your Whiskey or Beer

We have created this time based around our most popular wedding day schedules.  This time line by no means represents all weddings.  When in doubt always pad the amount of time.  Most weddings run 30-40 minutes late.   If you have any questions or concerns we will always be happy to help you craft the perfect time for your wedding day.