On your wedding day

Unforgettable Expressions standard packages begin with 7 hours and run up to 9-10 hours. We find that the norm preferred time for our wedding photographers is 9-10 hours. We love to start your story while getting ready, as the styling and makeup are ending. We are passionate about getting unique shots and capturing all of the beautiful details of your day. We are also available for groom preparation shots if he is within a certain distance.
Wedding photographers strive to capture everything that happens. Around 15 minutes before we pack up, we like to see if you have any final requests. Our coverage always ends with congratulations and even hugs and handshakes. Weddings are a blast for us; we truly enjoy every moment of documenting your love!


The handcrafted process
We start perfecting your images right away. We process and color correct every image taken by the wedding photographers. Tastefully selected images are converted to black and white for a timeless look. Even though your photos are excellent, we retouch till perfection. Unlike other companies, we do not charge for standard beauty edits, but extreme edits are charged an hourly fee.
You will receive your beautifully crafted wedding images in a lovely package within 4-6 Weeks.


Products we offer
Trends and products are always changing; we try to keep our expressive style current while maintaining a classic vibe. We can provide a nearly endless amount of la carte items. There are tons of album options as well as layouts for our engagement and boudoir photography. Each client is a different story, and we aim to customize your designs to fit your personality.
Our wedding packages are combinations of our most popular wedding photographyitems.