Q: Will you be shooting the wedding or will it be someone else?

A: Yes. You are hiring us as wedding photographers to shoot your wedding, Andrew and Lo and sometimes William!

Q: I'm having a tiny elopement and reception, do you have a package for that?

A: We are always happy to offer a basic package with coverage by our Associate Wedding Photographer William. Contact us and we can come up with the perfect package!

Q: Why Unforgettable Expressions?

A: Lots of people become wedding photographers because they “get a good camera” or shot some great concert footage. Photographers of that sort we are not! We LOVE weddings, and it is our one and only job. Photography and the people we meet are our passion. It is not “work” for us; we truly find our career choice fun.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

A: Unforgettable Expressions exclusively uses the latest in Apple computers, Adobe software & and Nikon camera equipment. We back up and store all of your images and suggest you back up any USB's/photos we present you. You can find a full list of our camera equipment here.

Q: Do you travel?

A: Road trip! We love to travel and arrive a day early due to possible travel delays or bad weather. Our company located in N.J./Eastern P.A. We enjoying working in the D.C. to Boston corridor. We are open to destination wedding photography, just ask!

Q: What style does Unforgettable Expressions use?

A: We love modern, candid wedding photography that will take the couple to the exact moment that we captured it for them. 'Photojournalism with a romantic edge' is the best way to explain it. Lo uses her background in wedding makeup and fashion to assure fluid posing for portraits. And, don't worry. We hate stuffy photos! Our style is mostly about love and the emotions on your big day, although we will help you place your hands and make sure you look perfect.

Q: How about that vintage look everyone loves?

A: Wide open spaces and bright, airy images are always beautiful. True B&W is a timeless look that makes a statement as well. We are not into overly edited pictures or High Dynamic Range photography. Our goal is that our clients cherish their images forever, and nothing feels dated.

Q: Will you recreate a picture and do you take a shot list?

A: Our custom questionnaire asks who is important to you as well as what moments are important during your wedding day. We also like to make a wedding timeline about a month before your wedding. I'm sure we can discuss our vision and try to meet your needs. However, we are known for the lively, candid photos in our portfolio and prefer not to do staged images. We are SO over the Superhero shirt under the groom's tux, and the wedding party is running away from a T-Rex. Our ideal clients are over that too!

Q: Do you carry insurance?

Do we ever! Most venues will not allow vendors to step foot inside without insurance. Having insurance allows us to shoot at historic sites and barns, tents, bars and whatever amazing venue you throw at us!

Q: Do you do special effects processing or use Photoshop actions? What do you mean by "fully edited images"?

A: Our photos pass through the finest lab corrections (density, color and lighting corrections), we call this 1st level edits. We also include 2nd level edits such as skin smoothing and teeth whitening on all bridal portraits. Unlike other companies, it is at no extra cost all extensive edits are billed hourly. 

Q: How many photos do I get after my wedding?

A: Our client wedding galleries typically range from 400-1000 photos. The number of images in each gallery varies depending on the number of hours we shoot. It also depends on how many locations we snap photos at and how you structure your day.

Q: Why can't I have every photo?

Yes, we can take thousands of photos on your wedding day...but do you want all of them? We of course shoot about 10 takes on a group shot, but that doesn't mean everyone will have their eyes open! So, we deliver only the top wedding quality photos. It is our order of business as wedding photographers to give you only the best, stunning pictures of you and your guests on your wedding day.

Q: Will you post the wedding photographs online?

A:  Sharing weddings and E-Sessions are something we enjoy as wedding photographers, featuring on our blog and affiliated vendor sites.

Q: How far in advance do I need to secure UE Photography?

A: It is common to retain a photographer shortly after choosing the venue. We are busiest during May, June and July, then again in September, October and November. Holiday weekends and New Years Eve are a premium wedding photographer rate.

Q: You guys rock! How can we book you?

A: Yay – Tell us more about your upcoming wedding through our contact page! We will gladly let you know our team's availability within a few hours (we need a little more time on weekends because we snap weddings). Let's meet up if you are in S.J./Philadelphia area, if not we can Skype or iChat and get to know each other. After that, we will create a personalized contract and digitally send it over to you. From there you can fill out the contract, and send it in with your booking fee.